Mivet Puppy Academy

Mivet Puppy Academy is a fantastic starting point to give you the understanding of how your puppy learns and what is best for them.

Our training is reward based to ensure that you develop a strong and lifelong bond with your puppy. It also allows your puppy to have the opportunity to make new friends during our 5 week program (1-hour evening class each week).

Mivet Puppy Academy is run by qualified instructors with special interests in animal behaviour. For more information please call us on (02) 6914 9111 or fill out the Register your Interest form!

* Puppies participating must be up to date with their vaccinations to keep our class happy and healthy.


  • Location: Mivet Leeton (2 McKay Avenue) 
  • Length of each class: 1 hour each week
  • Time of day: Evenings after clinic hours
  • Cost: $129.00
  • Information booklet that includes every topic discussed in class
  • Swag bag of toys, food, samples, lead, treats, and more
  • Knowledge and expertise of staff
  • Time after every class for questions to be answered.
  • Suitable for puppies age 8-16 weeks
  • Max class size 6 puppies
  • At least the first C3 vaccination certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

The puppy academy holds many benefits for both you and your puppy. You will gain knowledge in all areas of pet care from toilet training, socialisation, health care, basic obedience, problem behaviours and so much more. You will also get the opportunity to ask questions and be involved in discussions regarding any concerns, problems or queries you have about the development and care of your puppy now and in the future. 

Your puppy will also benefit by gaining valuable social skills through interacting with other puppies and their owners. Puppies that attend the puppy academy will also be developing a positive relationship with staff and the Vet clinic environment. This can help make their future visits to the vet less stressful for both you and your puppy.

It is at 8-16 weeks that puppies are most open to learning about behaviour expectations, which sets them up to be well socialised dogs.

The classes will have no more than 6 puppies per class. It is best to keep the class sizes small so that you and your puppy get the most out of the 5 week program.

We know everyone in the family is excited about the puppy academy and everyone wants to come along and be involved.

Space is limited so we just ask that the primary care giver attends each class along with one other family member and this can rotate each week so that everyone gets a chance to attend. If class sizes are smaller then there might be the possibility of more people attending each class so please let us know how may family members would like to attend and we will do our best to accommodate.

If you can’t make the first class or you happen to miss it then we can organise to catch you up with the information that you may have missed during that first class either if you come in early before the class on the second week or if we try and give you small sections of the information during the final four classes when the group presentation has finished for that class.